Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What To Do When Your Homes NOT Selling !

Now you might be thinking, here is another real estate agent trying to get a price break but I am actually going to give your some other insight onto why your home might not be selling ! Price is just one aspect but condition and availability are just as important !

So let's begin with the "Condition" this does not only apply to what your home looks like when it is seen in person, but also about how your listing presents itself to those looking online !


  • Prepare For The Photos: You want your home to show well so before your photos speak to your Realtor about some staging.  This doesn't mean you need to hire a professional or rent furniture many times simply re-arranging your existing furniture and a bit of de-cluttering can go a long way.  
  • Professional Photos: I am a firm believer in spending the time and having a professional photographer come and take pictures of your home.   They are able to showcase your homes attributes with angles, and staging that can make a huge difference.  
  • Updated Photos: - Keep your photos up to date with the changes in season, this is very important for those homes listed in the winter because spring gives you the opportunity to show off your "outdoor living space"! 
Take a look at some before and after pictures of one of my personal listings before and after photos !
Keep in mind the only thing we did for this home was paint in the living room, and virtual 
staging which was included in the price of the photography !  

Now "Availability" this covers much more than just "How easy it to show your home", so let's take a look at some of the other aspects you as the homeowner may not think of.  

Internet Presence
  • Where Does Your Home Place? This is a very simple thing to check and correct, go on as a buyer and search for homes that share the same basic characteristics (style, bedrooms, baths).  If your home does not show up within the first 10-15 houses than you should consider finding a way to get your home up to the top.  You should do this with your agent so they can rule out homes that may come up before you, but are not the "competition" you may think.  
  • Where Is Your Home Listed?  The most common place you ask about your home being listed is Multiple Listing but where else are they being promoted ? Many buyers from the city & the boroughs look at publications like New York Times and Redfin.  Others will utilitize quick apps while they are around town viewing other properties or open houses on websites like Trulia or Zillow.  You should also be tracking how many views your home is getting on at least the top 6 or 7 sites that are used which also include Optimum Homes, Realtor.Com, and Yahoo Homes to name a few.  
Coldwell Banker decided to keep a close eye on our listings and partnered up with these top sites to be able to track your homes views on a weekly basis ! Here is a example ! 

  • How Quickly Do Buyers Receive Information: Buyers who make online inquiries expect a timely response. Statistics show that buyers who do not receive a response within an hour of placing the inquiry will likely not return the call of your agent.  Your agent simply calling them immediately to at least acknowledge the inquiry and than setting up a time to speak with them more about the home can be the difference ! You will want to find out what set-up they have to receive these leads do they receive it via email, voicemail, or does the office handle the inquiries.  
  • Who Receives The Inquiries On Your Home? This is often a big problem for most homeowners and they don't even realize it.  No matter what site your home is on with the exception of MLS SELLS the ad space surrounding your listing ! If your agent has not purchased this space they will not be the contact person for inquiries ! 
  • How Often Do You Invite The Buyers? How do you invite the buyers your asking, its very simple you hold an advertised open house.  Often times buyers will spend their weekends visiting open houses so why not take the opportunity and the chance to let them see yours !  

If your home has been on the market for over 6 months and did not receive any offers, than unfortunately the only remaining factor is the price.  There are very rare exceptions where this is not the case, but you should take the time and speak with your Realtor for their professional opinion.  

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