Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tattoos In Real Estate

So I have decided to write about something a little bit different today, not so much about real estate but about "Business" and tattoos. 

Now your probably wondering why ?

Well I had a interesting experience that took place this morning, and although it only lasted about 4 minutes, it got me thinking.   Whether I had tattoos or not this woman still would have been stuck at the red light with me, and I still would not have been able to move my car out of the way.  That being said, while she was screaming and cursing did she think that because I have tattoos, I would be ok with my 3 year old son listen to her curse and scream like a lunatic. 

Here is my question for everyone.

What is your take on tattoos, and business ?

Some people beleive that tattoo's should be covered at all times in business, they don't want to see them they normally can't give you a solid reason for them to be covered but they make it clear that it is a deal breaker.  I found this in my career with car dealerships, unless you were one of the mechanics even the smallest tattoo would cause a stir, and almost everytime you would be told to cover them up!

There is another kind of person, one who beleives in the "Time and a Place Theory" for tattoos.   Now I personally have my tattoos covered about 80% of the time when I am at work.  When I am in the office you will almost always see them unless I am expecting a client to walk in the door.  When I hand out my newsletters to the neighbors though, they are "out on display" because these are people that would be more shocked if they saw me trying to cover them up!

Than there is the rare find, someone who can look at your even if you are covered from head to toe in tattoos, and talk to you about business without asking you "Why did you do that to yourself"! This is something very rare and they will normally have tattoos of their own, they are completely open minded and don't understand why people think the ink on your skin, could affect your business !

As tattoos are becoming more and more common, I am finding there are more people today that beleive in the "Time and a Place Theory". 

I decided to do some research about tattoos and real estate, and I came across a Realtor who not only has tattoos but literally has them on display he even calls himself "The Tattooed Realtor".  I have to say I was surprised at his approach, but I absolutely loved it! The way he was so open about it would make me feel instantly at ease, but what about those that still had one of those awful stereotypes.  I would be curious what inspired him to do be so bold, or maybe the courage is a better word.

I did a facebook poll, I have a very large "friend pool", it does not only consist of family, and friends but has business owners, investors, my homeowners and my buyers as well.  I like to get honest opinions and many people were of the opinion that it will soon be the "norm" to see tattoos in business.

I do hope in the future that this stereotype of those that choose to have tattoos fade, just as they did for many other stereotypes.  Of course there will always be someone who is against it, but that is life.  I have always been very open about my tattoos, and my favorite reactions always come from children, not because they will always think they are great, but because children are always open enough to ask to see it, ask what it is and that is something I do love because I spent all those hours having this done because I wanted to share it with others.

When I chose to get these pieces of artwork done, I did consider what affects it would have not only on my life, but my sons and my business.  I have spent over 30 hours in a tattoo chair, it came me more than enough time to sit and think about it.  

For anyone out there who is hesitant about hiring someone because of the artwork they choose to display, I ask you this, do you want someone who will work hard on your behalf, or someone who looks like they can ?

After a very long day, I have come up with one absolute perk to my tattoos, if I could spend all that time in a chair in excruciating pain for the sake of art, negotiating with another Realtor to get my client a great price on their dream home is a cake walk !!

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  1. Kristin,

    I am a realtor as well with only a couple tattoos. I am dealing with this same issues. My husband feels as though I should have a small wrist tattoo covered when I go on appointments. I definitely do not want to push away any business but I also find it to be a bit disingenuous. The hard thing is that we live in a very religious community, So I am afraid he is probably correct. I, like you, just wish that it did not have to be that way.