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Babylon Village Historical Homes

If you are looking to buy a home in Babylon Village, you will often come across some unique and historical homes, these are of course wonderful homes in a family oriented town.  Homes in Babylon Village are considered "historical", and will normally have a "plaque" displaying the year it was built, and they are each registered with the historical society.  For every 1 that displays the "plaque" there are just as many that are not recorded, you can find 8 homes currently on the market that fits the criteria to be considered, but are not recorded.  

These are great homes just waiting for the perfect family to move in and bring new life to the home.  When buying this kind of home there are a few key points that I always recommend that you pay close attention to! 

1. How is the foundation? 
Old homes can have foundation issues which can be very costly to fix, and often is not a simply repair.  Most historic homes are over 100 years old, so you MUST hire a reputable home inspector who knows about what to look for in these homes.  They will look for signs of cracks and shifting in the foundation.  As well as mold, and other costly fixes.   The most important room in a historical homes is first and foremost the basement! Many homes in the Babylon Village area will not have basements, only a crawlspace so it is still important to have the inspector give it a thorough look thru since there could be water damage from storms, or termites.  

2. How old is the electrical wiring? 
Many old homes still have the original knob-and-tube wiring.  Although it works, it can be a fire hazard, and it will usually is because it is covered by insulation especially in the attic.  You will want to check and make sure if it does not have extremely old wiring that the home has the correct ampage needed for your belongings.  Some home owners will upgrade the electric to the basic necessities the home already had so keep in mind if you plan on upgrading appliances, lighting, air condition systems, or pools you want to make sure the electric panel either has room for add-ons and can handle what your future plans will be.  

3. How old is the plumbing? 
If the house still has the orignal cast-iron pipes, you might need to replace them because of mineral buildup, corrosion, or leaks.  Make sure you homes inspector checks any exposed piping to be sure they are working order.  

4.  How is the house heated? 
Old radiators do add character to a home, but in today's economy oil is a very expensive way to heat your home.  You can either speak to the owners so that you have a realistic idea of what your home heating costs will be.  You can also find out from neighbors, or your real estate agent if the neighbors have converted to gas, if the neighbor has converted this is a good sign that you will be able to as well.  

5. How is the roof? 
In any home you will of course check the roof, but in a home that is over a 100 years old you want to not only make sure it does not need to be replaced but you will want to know how many layers of roofing there are, or at least have a good idea, the cost of replacing an entire roof is enough without a roofer adding additional costs because of additional layers that need to come up. The one wonderful incredible thing about a homeowner of a historic house, they usually have more background on the home than most.  

Historic Homes In Babylon Village Currently On The Market

86 Litchfield Avenue
8 Room, 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath

Listed By Westcott Group Inc.

More Information About This Home

43 Thompson Avenue
11 Room, 5 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath

Listed By Netter Real Estate

More Information About This Home

52 Stuart Avenue
10 Room, 5 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath


Listed By Coach Real Estate

More Information About This Home

Other Historic Homes In Babylon Village 

 This French-inspired home dates to the 1850's



This Shore Road home dates to 1820 and is what remains of a large estate.

Babylon Village is known for its many charming older homes, from 19th-century fisherman's homes to elegant Victorians.  Patch offers up a tour of the oldest of the old homes.  Is your home even older? 
If your home or business is more than 100 years old, you can apply for a "Circa Board" to display from the Babylon Village Historical and Preservation Society by stopping into their headquarters to find out more information.

Photos and Article Credit:  Jacqueline Sweet & Babylon Village Patch

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