Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips For Showing Your Home

So I often get asked by my homeowners what should or shouldn't they do while their home is being shown when I am not able to be present for the showing.  There are some general rules that you should always follow because their will be 2 kinds of agents that will be showing your home and that is a Brokers Agent or Buyers Agent, keep in mind a Brokers Agent is working for you - a Buyers Agent is working for the buyers.  The rules for where and what you should be doing when your home is being shown is generally the same for both, but I will also touch on some rules for your general safety as well.

  • All Buyers Must Be Accompanied By An Agent - Never allow a buyer into your home without an agent present, you will from time to time have someone see the home and decide they are going to "pop in".  You can speak with them but don't let them into your home, this is not about your agent trying to "control" a possible sale but about your safety ! 
  • Put Away Your Valuables - This doesn't mean to bolt down your flat screen TV, but simply put things away.  Don't leave jewelry, or money laying out.  Agents will always accompany their buyers and it is rare that anyone is left in a room unattended but sometimes children will pick up what they see and parents may not notice.  
  • Let The Agents Do Their Job - If your going to be home during a showing stay out of the way, their agent will review the listing with the clients.  Often times buyers will feel rushed if they are being followed around by the homeowner, if your concerned about them getting all of the information about your home take the agent aside and let them relay the information that you feel they should know.  Also stay in the front of the house, you will always want to be aware of who is coming in or out of the home during a showing.  
  • Check Your Doors - Sometimes homeowners will opt to have a lock-box put onto the home, and leave for showings.  When your coming back home you will want to just check that all your doors sometimes a agent can leave a back door unlocked by mistake.  For my listings even if the home is vacant I take the keys out of the lock-box after a showing is complete, this is a good option for those homeowners who are hesitant to have a lock-box on their home.
  • Clear The Way - Although we will be getting a bit more sunshine now it is still important that you make sure that your pathways and the number on your home is well lit and visible from the street.  Clearing the walkway does not end at the front door, if you have small tables or an abundance of small items (shoes,jackets,laundry baskets) in your halls take the time and tuck them away this way the buyers can walk thru without obstacles. 
  • Be Inviting To The Buyers - While you don't want to follow the buyer and the agent around the home, you can still make them feel comfortable.  If you have a fireplace, have it lit it is a great time to show off that kind of feature ! Put out some bottles of water, or candies sometimes that is enough to get them to stay a bit longer in your house and notice something they really like about it. 
These are just some of the things you should be doing when your home is shown, personally I like to be at my listings during the showings but it is not always possible for your agent to make it to every showing.  If you want to make sure the buyers are receiving all the information that you think they need, talk to your agent about creating a buyers packet to give to buyers that come to your home.  That is a great way for you to know they received all the information without making the buyers feel pressured ! 

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