Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preparing Your Home For The Fall Selling Season

Someone at some point started a myth that selling your home during the fall and winter months is a bad idea.  Now I have written a blog dedicated to this, so take a look at this blog for some reasons why you should keep your home on the market during the next few weeks HERE

This blog is dedicated to some of the things you should do in and around your home to really make it stand out for the upcoming fall season. 

Outdoor Tips 

  • Keep Up Your Curb Appeal -  Keep making sure your lawn and shrubs are being well maintained, if your like me most of your summer flowers are no longer looking so perky.  Either replace them with some fall perenials or simply take out the dead flowers, and store away the planter.  
  • Outside Living Area - The outdoor area is still a great place to make your home stand-out, because many people are still very interested in taking a good look at it you should play it up.  Of course, if you are like me your pool will be closed pretty soon so be sure you just try to keep the area around the pool clean and tidy. Leave the patio area still accessible and set up as if you would be entertaining because many people are visual if they don't see it they can't picture it! 
  • Keep The Lights On - With our days becoming shorter you will want to make sure that all your outdoor lights are working properly.  If you have a patio area or gardens investing in some small solar powered lighting is a great idea.  You can generally find these in 4 packs for under $30 at your local Lowes or Home Depot, this is a great way of highlighting those areas you may not otherwise take notice of! 


Indoor Tips 
  • Switch Out Your Accent Pieces - With the fall months try bringing in some darker tone accent pieces, if you have guilts considering hanging them or simply switch out those light summer prints for some others.  This is great because you will be able to take them with you to your new home and you can find it these at your local discount store.
  • Add Candles & Bring In Fall Smells - This is a great idea because most people like the typical smells of the fall: Apple Pie and Pumpkin are my particular favorite.  It also adds to the lighting aspect and gives it a bit of ambiance ! 
  • Prep Your Fireplace - If your fireplace works now is the time to have it cleaned and ready for use.  I don't recommend ever leaving a fire burning for buyers to see but it should be ready in case they ask you if it works.  I have a son so therefore even though my fireplace works I have a 4 year old so it is not the safest to use, try putting some candles or arrange come pumpkins by it to spruce it up a little bit! 
  • Change The Linens - Change over some of those light colored throws and pillows to darker colors, or hang your heavier drapes.  You can also set up your dining room table with some dark, rich linens with a nice accent piece to warm up your table. 
  • Bring Out The Welcome Mat - The fall brings us some rain and cold weather so you will want to have mats for the buyers to feel okay with wiping their feet on.  You can offer them a place to hang their jackets while they walk around your home, you don't want them distracted you want them to take it all in! 

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