Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buyers Don't Hide Out During The Winter Months and Neither Should Your Home!

It is that time of year again, and the majority of home-owners are deciding to opt out of keeping their home on the market.  I don't know who started the rumor that no one will buy a home in the winter but I am here to attempt to give you a different perspective about selling your home during the fall/winter season. 

I touched base on this in a few different blogs when it came to staging and open houses, but I wanted to take the time to elaborate, and give you some great insight on selling during this season. 

1. The Buyer Pool IS Smaller

Now I am sure your thinking that this is a horrible thing, but in reality many prospective buyers shopped all spring, and summer long and have been left not finding the home of their dreams.  The easiest way to weed out a shopper, from a serious buyer is simple, are they willing to go out in the cold?

Your home will get alot of attention during the "busy season" but many will be people that are just doing this on the weekend to see what is out there, or they are like myself and I am not ashamed to admit my family members.  

These are also buyers who more than likely have seen many homes, and by this time have really narrowed down their wants, from their needs, and are not about to let the perfect home slip by them!

2. Less Competition!

This is the only upside to the myth that no one buys a house in the winter.  Your competition is reduced drastically, drive around your neighborhood during the months of October and November and you will notice there doesn't seem to be as many for sale signs out anymore. 

Not having a ton of competition in your surrounding area is priceless!

Quality Over Quanitity!

Now your thinking do you really want to have a ton of people in and out of your house during the season.  Well again thanks to the wondeful myth, you will only be left with serious buyers, which means yes your home will have less shows, but they will not only be better prospects but they will also provide some very good feedback!

When it comes to how many times your home has been shown, I truly beleive that quality is more important than quantity. 

You could have your home shown everyday of the week, for a month straight, but if only 1 buyer that came was qualified, than all those other shows were really just a waste of your time. 

4. The Neighborhood Will Speak For Itself

During these seasons neighborhoods always tend to feel a little bit more special. 

People are decorating their homes, villages are arranging festivities for the fall and winter.  Everyone is looking forward to the new year, and fresh starts!

This isn't something the homeowners think to take into consideration, because it isn't something Realtors will bring up. 

We all know that the first rule of buying a home is location, so why wouldn't you take the time to play up all your location has to offer?

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