Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What To Do When Your Homes Not Selling

So your homes been on the market, you haven't received many showings and you haven't had any great offers come in.  
Well make sure you take a look at some key points, and take sometime and set up a meeting with your Realtor to discuss what more can be done for your home! 

Your very first impression can never be changed so make sure your home stands out!

Are your pictures updated for the season?
Play up your selling season ! 
Out of season pictures, can make a home look less appealing.

Do you have pictures of each room, and are they quality photos? 
You should be able to see from the floor to the ceiling corner to be sure potential buyers get the best view of the room. 

Internet Presence & Price 
Sometimes you need to take an objective look at your home, and how it stacks up against the other homes in your neighborhood.  

How many homes in your neighborhood will come up in your search criteria, and are you priced aggressively enough to compete?
This is a very simple thing to check, and correct! Search for your home if you come up and your close to the last home in a search with more than 10 homes it is time to do what you have to, to get your home on the top! 

I also utilize a great website that allows you to track your home, and your competition.  You are able to access it at anytime that you would like, and it will also keep you up to date on others price changes, new listings, and what has come off the market.

How many websites and hits is your home receiving?
This unfortunately is not an easy thing to correct, many times the company you listed with, does not have the ability to add you to any extra websites, and so you are limited, this should be a deciding factor when you are listing your home with a company.   
In order to be sure this is never an issue for our clients Coldwell Banker Residential advertises your home on over 30+ websites, and I personally have your home as a branded listing so it also gets top spots on these websites. 
We also have taken full advantage of technology many of our websites we are able to track how many times you have shown up in a general search, and we can track how many detailed views your home has had.    

How does your agent respond to buyer information requests? 
Prospective buyers for your home can come at anytime day or night, this again is where technology is key.  Your agent should be responding to these buyers immediately, even if it is to schedule a tentative appointment for them to see your home.    

Coldwell Banker also has the lead-router system which immediately calls your agent within minutes of the inquiry being made with all the details of the prospective buyer.                                                                                                                                            
Taking it a step farther, I personally have set up a chat feature that allows, buyers and sellers to IM me directly, and I have online scheduling so that the buyer can just go ahead and set up their appointment online anytime of the day or night.  

How easy is it to get into your house?

How easy is it for a buyers agent to show your home to their buyers?
I always try and put myself in others shoes, when I take a listing I like to discuss what times are good for my homeowners to show their home, and requesting 24 hours notice is a reasonable time frame.  By setting up times that other agents will know it is “easy” to show, you are setting yourself apart from the other listings. 

I always suggest putting a lock-box on any home I list, no one is given access to the lockbox without calling our office, and we verify each Realtors license is current, before they are given the code.  If the homeowner is not available the lock-box allows me to be their with the buyers broker, for again an easy showing. 

How important are open houses?        
 In my own opinion, I believe it is always good to have an open house scheduled and available for clients to see.  This gives them an open invitation and a no pressure to see the home.  In today’s market many buyers will do the research on their own, and will spend most of their weekends out without their Realtor, and many websites are becoming much more sophisticated allowing buyers to create an itinerary for their weekend, you want to make sure you become part of that!  

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