Friday, June 15, 2012

Tips For Selling During The Summer

It is that time of the year again, with every change in season I write a blog for homeowners who are selling or thinking of listing.  Although the weather we have been having seems more like spring with all of the rain lately, summer is only a few days away.

Now some Realtors will tell you that summer isn't the best time to sell, this is another one of those myths that I don't know how it started but it is false.  If your selling during the summer months you can expect a few more "tire kickers" but you can also expect to see some very aggressive buyers.

Bring The Outdoors In 

  • The simplest way to help your flow from the inside of your home to your outdoor entertaining is very simple.  If you have a patio door or sliders make sure that you remove the blinds if they are not inside the glass, and place a shear curtain up instead.  This allows the light to still shine through, while still giving you privacy.  
  • Your patio is almost as important as your dining room to buyers during the summer time, if you have a patio set take the time to arrange it on the patio, spruce it up with new cushions or an umbrella.  Show buyers that they will have the space and area to entertain in your yard.  If your patio is smaller they do sell small bistro sets that you can purchase, these are great for condo's and townhouses ! 
  • Outdoor lighting is becoming a very popular trend, it really does make the yard look very inviting and adds some ambiance.   You can pick up sets of 4 from your local home improvement store for under $40, and they are solar so they require no wiring and generally last 3 years before they need new batteries. 
Water Works
  • Water your lawn regularly !!  I can't tell you how many homes during the summer months including mine, get those large patches of brown straw like grass.  A brown lawn is never appealing, this is a big part of curb appeal be sure you invest in good sprinklers if you do not have the luxury of in ground sprinklers.  
  • Time your sprinklers for times when buyers will not be walking around your yard. I know that the best time to water the lawn for most people is the middle of the day, but take the time to perhaps either run them in the early morning hours or later in the evening.  I am a big fan of strappy sandals and I can't help but not want to walk on a wet lawn, many women will understand this and you want the buyers to spend time in your home taking it in, not avoiding parts of it.  
  • If you have a pool be sure to open it up, make sure your water is clear most buyers will assume if your pool is closed that something is not working properly.  You want to showcase this kind of amenity, if you have decking or fencing around it be sure you make sure that it is in the best shape possible a simple power washing, or fresh coat of stain can go a long way.  
Comfortable & Cool 
  • Don't skimp out on the air conditioning this time of year, if you have air conditioners turn them on ! Now you don't want to freeze your buyers out but keeping it at a school 68 degrees allows buyers to be comfortable walking around your home.  I can't tell you how quickly a showing will end if a home is hot and stuffy on a summer day, no matter how great the home is no one wants to be in a sauna. 
  • Now I do tell most of my homeowners to leave during showings of their home, many buyers no matter how nice the homeowner, still feel as if they are intruding.  What you can do is in a small bowl put some ice and a few bottles of water, it is a nice gesture that will often allow buyers to relax, cool off and really take in your home rather than rush through it.   
Clean Up & Organize 
  • This is the simplest thing to do, and surprisingly very important to buyers. Outdoor areas are very important to buyers but where they are going to store all the things they don't want to leave out in the weather is also important.  If you have a shed or a garage with an entrance/exit into the backyard take the time to clean them out and organize. 
  • Make sure any chemicals you have (Ex: Pool chemicals, pesticides, gas containers)  are locked up, many buyers will have their children with them since there is no more school, and camps usually let out early.  
These are just a few of the tips for the summer selling season, and there are additional tips that were covered in the Spring Season blog. If you are looking for suggestions on what you could do to spruce up your yard I am always more happy to help.  You can email me pictures of your "problem areas" and I will make some simple/inexpensive suggestions that may help.  

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