Tuesday, April 16, 2013

National Open House Weekend !

This weekend is the National Open House Weekend on Saturday April 20th and Sunday April 21st we are going to see buyers out in mass ! If you only hold one open house this year whether your an agent or a For Sale By Owner this will be the weekend to take get your home out there ! Because there will be a large amount of homes holding these open houses it is very important that your home shows well, and you take the time to make sure it stands out from the crowd !

  • Timing: You should consider letting your agent hold a longer open house, because there will more than likely be alot of homes on a buyers itinerary for the day you want to make sure they don't miss yours ! Simple adding an extra hour to the open house can make a difference or consider holding one later in the day during times that others are not like 3PM - 5PM ! 
  • Be Inviting: Either your or your agent will want to find a way to get the buyers to slow down and really see your home, when there are so many open houses to get to buyers will sometimes go through a home quickly and miss some great features.  A simple way to do that is by setting out some refreshments.  Make an area where they can help themselves to some ice tea or water it will give them a reason to take a minute to relax and take in what your home offers.  
  • Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal: Putting up some new numbers on your front door, putting out some brightly colored potted plans, add some additional solar lighting, or even a small lounge area on a porch can really change the look of a home from the curb ! 
  • Set Up Outdoor Space: I always stress in the spring time for homeowners to play up their outdoor living area, but during this weekends open houses it is the perfect opportunity.  Buyers will be happy to be able  to spend sometime outside with their agent or yours discussing what your home offers them ! Other plus is anything you invest in outside will usually be things that will be going with you to your new home so it is not an investment you would be leaving behind ! 
  • Make It Memorable !  Buyers will be receiving quite a few highlight sheets from all of the open houses. You want to take the time to set yourself apart and give them a reason to keep your homes information separate from all of those others that will more than likely be lost.  What I do is actually give them a packet with your homes information, community & school information, and other real estate related articles, and for some homes I include an Virtual Presentation DVD of your home ! 
I wish the best of luck to all homeowners who are hoping to find their buyer this weekend, and for all those buyers happy house hunting ! If your interested in seeing a full list of what homes will be holding open houses in the Babylon Village area please look under the Real Estate Round-Up which I publish every Friday on the Babylon Patch

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