Monday, January 28, 2013

What Happens After Your Offer Is Accepted

You have successfully gotten an accepted offer it may have been a quick simple negotiation or it may have been a bit of back and forth, but either way you have officially gotten passed one of the biggest parts of the home buying process ! This blog is specifically what will happen with a straight sale, there is a much different process for short sales & foreclosures, I will be writing another blog specifically about those in an upcoming blog.

The next 2 weeks are going to be a very busy time for you, because although your offer is accepted the homeowners will still show it to other potential buyers and place an offer on your dream home !! Lower offers or offers with less desirable conditions will be held as "back up" offers, but their is always a chance someone will outbid you and their offer may have terms that the owner may prefer. That is the reason why time is of the essence so your going to want to get things done as quickly as you possibly can !!

Before Your Offers Accepted - Call Your Mortgage Broker
Your realtor should have already developed a relationship with your mortgage broker, if they have not spoken to them they shouldn't wait any longer to get that relationship going.

Sometimes the seller will want you to get a 2nd mortgage pre-approval, this is not unusual in my business, because I work for a company who has their own mortgage company. A seller can not however tell you who to get a mortgage with, they can only request a pre-approval thru a specific company.

Step 1 - Sales Agreement & Attorney Review
This is a very standard form and is very important to your purchase, this is really sometimes the first step, but if you have had to negotiate and make changes to your original offer you will want to fill out a new updated one to send over to the attorneys. The buyer and the seller will fill this out independently and receive a copy. You attorney will review this document normally without any changes, because the contract will have the specifics credits or add-ons.

Step 2 - Home Inspection
Many companies will have a preferred list of home inspectors, if you already have someone. You want to have the home inspection as soon as possible, even with a first accepted offer. A home inspector should check for of course the obvious red flags: mold, mildew, termite damage, but you also want them to check to make sure of some other things you may not think of. Most will check to make sure that the hot water, actually gets hot, in older home this will take a bit longer but these are things that once you move in can become important. They will also check things in the attics, basements and crawlspaces.

Homes that are remodeled it usually only takes about an hour for a full inspection, and others usually take about 2 hours. You will get a full copy of the report, and they will talk to you about it before they leave the property.

Step 3 - Sign The Contracts
Now depending on how your home inspection went sometimes you will be just going in to sign contracts with no changes, but sometimes there will have been more changes because of things that came up during your home inspection. Remember your offer is still accepted, but now you are going to be changing the terms.

I can appreciate a seller does not want to have to do work to the home but remember no matter who the buyer is there will be a home inspection and if it is a significant problem it will come up again.  That being said sometimes buyers should be reasonable also don't let fear of losing the house force you to overlook a major problem but don't let a little problem cause you to loose your dream home either.

Now that you have completed those 3 steps you can finally take a deep breathe and celebrate a bit about the purchase of your new home.   There are of course a few more steps that will happen between going to contract and your closing, I will write another blog giving you the timeline and what you can expect to be doing next ! 

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