Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Handle Offers On An Overpriced Home !

Finding the right house for a buyer can be tough, not only on the clients but on the realtor as well. When you opt to use a Buyer Broker it can be a bit easier but sometimes the only thing standing between your and your new home can be a seller.

When you choose to use a Buyer Broker they may show you homes that are priced above your price range, and you may wonder why, isn't that a tease since you can't afford the price. Remember just because a home is listed at a certain price it does NOT mean it is worth what the homeowner may want for it! Sometimes an agent will not take the time to educate a homeowner about the current market prior to listing the home or they may opt to go with their gut on price, this makes it much harder on all involved but it does happen.

When it comes to a home that is over priced in any area the negotiations can go a few different directions but will always require patience and strategy when it comes to putting in an offer. You will of course want to review the comps in the area carefully with your Buyer Broker, because you will want to be confident in your price being fair. Putting in a offer below the market value will make negotiations much harder, because your leaving a bigger gap between what you want to buy it for and what they believe the home is worth. When your agent presents the initial offer that is when you will normally find out why the home has been priced higher than fair market value.

Once your agent has put in your initial offer that is when you will begin to be to strategize what kind of negotiation style you will use when it comes to how you will counter.

If the homeowner comes down to a significantly lower price point it is a sign that their agent is educating them about what their home is actually worth in the current market. You will want to do the same with your counter in order to show them that you are a serious buyer! If your only around $10,000 apart in price sometimes offering to split the difference between is fair and will sometimes get you an accepted offer ! Remember whether the home is over-priced or fair value your best way to get an accepted offer is to put yourself in the sellers shoes!

If the homeowners barely budges off their price, either their agent has attempted to educate them with no success or they simply think the home is worth more as well. The conversation between your Broker and the Listing agent will clear up which one is the case.

This is where things can require quite a bit of patience, sometimes your best bet is to back off of a seller and give them time to sit on the market, and see for themselves that no one will buy their home for that price. It is a risk when you do this, and you should only do this if you have tried presenting at least 2 reasonable offers and your still significantly far apart on price. By far apart I mean over $20,000 and if the seller has not given reasonable counter offers !!

You will also want to be sure your agent keeps in contact with the listing agent, you don't want to wait to see a price reduction on MLS because than you may find yourself in a bidding war because of other buyers looking at the new price ! You shouldn't stop looking at houses either while you are waiting out a seller. Many times I have buyers who look at quite a few other homes in the interim and it helps puts in perspective what their money can buy. You may decide that your willing to pay a bit more than you originally decided for a home, or you may find a better home !

Once the homeowner has had sometime sitting on the market you will than see if they really want to sell their home, or if they were just putting it out their to see what would happen.

Before you place another offer on the house schedule another showing with your broker to go and see it again, ideally when you know the homeowner is going to be home. You want them to know your still interested in their home in case there agent doesn't remind them of your previous offers !!

Make sure when you present your next offer don't skimp out make sure that your agent reminds them of all the details of your offer.  You may still need to do a bit of negotiating but again patience is key ! If the homeowner is still not being reasonable you may have to continue to wait it out, you may end up finding a better home but I'm always certain for every buyer is the perfect home !

Most people think the number one reason to use a Buyers Broker is so that you don't over pay for a house, but that is not actually the most important. It's not always about making sure you don't overpay but also about making sure you don't miss out on a home because of trying to under value someone's home. The best reason to find yourself a Buyer Broker that you trust is actually to make sure you don't miss out on a home that would be a great fit for you period.

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