Sunday, August 19, 2012

What You Should Look At Before Extending Your Listing !

If your home has been on the market throughout the spring and summer the listing is likely to expire soon, but it may not be in your best interest to pull it off the market just yet.  Now I am not saying to stick with the broker that your using in order to keep it on the market if your not happy with your broker or you want to interview others than by all means do so.  

Anytime I take a listing that will be on the market during the fall/winter season I always let my clients know that business does not stop during these months but you will see less activity.  This is actually better for homeowners, you may not have the quantity of buyers but you will have a better quality of buyers.  If someone is out in snow and cold weather you can bet that they are serious buyers, they aren't just out in the cold for no reason.

Now if you listed during the "busy" season, take into consideration how hard did your broker work for you while he/she had your listing?

  • Did you recieve feedback after your home was shown ? It is not always easy to get feedback from other Realtors or Buyers but it is our job to get it for you, a week is more than enough time for your Realtor to inform you of what they thought of the home.   
  • How often did you review your market position ? The spring and summer months provide alot of inventory for buyers to choose from so keeping on top of your market is very important.  How often did you and your Realtor discuss your homes position compared to others that were on the market, and those that had come off ? 
  • How many open houses did they do, and what was the status of those buyers ? Each Realtor has a different opinion on open houses, I personally think they are important because it gives your buyers an immediate way to see your home.  You should have discussed this with your Realtor before you listed, if you didn't I suggest you do so before extending your contract with them.  You can not be angry if there are none or not enough if you did not discuss what your expectations are.  
  • Did you recieve any offers ? Not all offers are good offers, just because your home received an offer does not necessarily mean it was worth you taking.  Did your broker try to work that offer ? Just because someone offers is very low does not mean that this is all they are willing to give.  Sometimes you have to work an offer for quite sometime to make it worhtwhile, but you will never know unless you have someone who is willing to put in the time. 
Before you extend your contract with your Realtor you should take the time to review in detail all of these things regardless.  Pulling your home off the market isn't necessarily a good idea, even 2 or 3 months off the market doesn't change the fact you were trying to sell it. Thanks to technology it takes about a half a minute to find out how long someone has been trying to sell for and buyers do quite a bit of research on their own.  

There are a few things you will need to do if you plan on extending that you may not have thought of, it is not just about signing the report of change form, you will want to update your listing.

  • Perhaps re-word the description sometimes less is more, if you have a lengthy description it may be too much or visa versa.  
  • Update your pictures, the change of seasons will be upon us sooner than we would like to think so be ready to take updated pictures of your home so your listing doesn't look dated. 
  • Update your show instructions with your Realtor, if you think you will need your agent to attend more showings discuss it so when those quality buyers want to see your home they can !
If your new to selling a home than you should refer to my blog which explains the common terms and paperwork that you will need to understand Click Here For Blog.

I will be writing another blog this week reviewing exactly what the difference is between a full service real estate agent, and what other brokerages will offer, I will link it to this blog once it is completed.

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