Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall In Love With The American Dream & Open House Tips

Let's take a moment and talk about open houses, over the passed few weeks that seems to be a very common question that sellers have been asking me about.  Perhaps it is brought about my the event Coldwell Banker is holding, called "Fall In Love With The American Dream".  Everyone wants to know what it is, and why is it something only we are doing.

This is our effort as a company to stimulate buyers for the fall season, those people who just couldn't find the right house over the summer will now want to make a deal and be in their new home for the holiday!   While most realtors and companies simply sit back and wait for the buyers to come back for the spring market, we are actively pushing the fall market! This open house event is promoted via email, print mail, television, and social media (ex-You Tube, Facebook).  For our event in October which is this weekend, the numbers are in and we have twice as many open houses as any other company!

People buy houses all year round, there is no cut-off date to when your home will sell!  I personally have found for my buyers shopping during the fall season is almost always more pleasant.   The most obvious reason is because who really wants to walk into a home that is vacant with no AC on, when the temperature outside is 90 degrees, I know that isn't my favorite house to go into, and I know that it isn't for my buyers either.

Here are some tips for what to do for your open house!

1. Pick the right date. When planning your open house, be sure to check the calendar for major holidaysand local events. Last thing you want is to have your open house scheduled on Mothers Day, City Festival date or the date of other important event. If you do, you will be disappointed.  If your company holds large campaigns (Like the Fall In Love With The American Dream Event), make sure your listing agent has an open house.   Also please do not call your agent on Thursday, for an open house that Saturday, you need to promote your open house for atleast a week to be able to take full advantage of advertising it! 

2. Create a welcoming feeling before they get to your front door. That front door that you never use... there are spiderwebs there (I'm not gonna tell anyone, don't worry. Just get rid of them!) Tidy up, get rid of those tired looking plants and replace them with freshly planted ones. With the fall and winters holiday's approaching most home-owners will be decorating, for more tips on how to sell your home in the fall and winter, there is another blog dedicated to just that. O

3. Take a look at your walls. Not everyone will love your dusty rose and hunter green. Even the yummy chocolate brown has to go. Light and airy is the way to go, you need it to be a blank canvas for buyers 1 not to be distracted, and 2 to picture their belongings in your house.  This doesn't mean your home needs to become sterile and bland, we don't want that either.  Neutral colors, on the walls and splashes of color in accent pieces will still give your home style and personality! 

4. Create a specious feel in your home. Move furniture around to create space and direct traffic and attention of your potential buyers to where you want it.  You want them to see the space not stuff!  This does NOT mean to get rid of your dresser and put your mattress on the floor, you want them to see the space being used efficiently.  

5. Get rid of stuff! Now your probably saying what are you talked about you just told me not to, I told you not to put your mattress on the floor, and live out of a laundry basket for the sake of space, if you did that you would have space, but it would have clutter.  You want key pieces of furniture to stay so they can see what can fit.  

Here are some examples.  In the bedroom you would want them to see it fits a bed, dresser, and even some nightstands.  You do not want them to see clutter on top of the nights stands, and un-made bed, the collection of your every picture of your 18 year old son from the time he was born on your wall!  The dining room is another always interesting space, you want them to see the dinging room table ONLY if it is in the dining room, do not advertise a formal dining room if your using it as a den!  Books, pictures, clothes on the floor, don't just store these in a closet because trust me they will be opening those doors too!

n house tips
10.Remove yourself, your family and your pets from the house and your cars from the driveway prior to the Open House.  Open houses are much different from when a realtor calls to show your home.  Sometimes you will need to be home, or the dog will just have to go into the yard because that is the only place for him/her.  But open houses are a different ballgame all together, and I will say it for you, moving a pet out of the house for 2 hours isn't always easy!  Trust me I know I have pets.  My suggestion take your dog to get groomed, schedule their appointment as the same time as the open house!  Take the kids to grandma and grandpas, tell them the open house is longer than it is and get some good alone time in while they are there, I won't tell! Or better yet pack up the kids, dogs, family and go and see other properties in your area that are having an open house! 

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